PEAKE is known for providing mobile and tactical communication solutions to Public Safety and Emergency Management agencies.  Our company was established on the foundation that “If you can’t communicate, you can’t operate”.  Through the years we have built on this foundation and as we have grown, we have naturally branched out to provide more then just communication solutions.

Many solutions that PEAKE delivers are custom, and don’t fit into a product category.  PEAKE’s team of highly skilled engineers, fabricators and integrators provide high-quality, custom solutions to fit any concept of operation.

We often get the “I didn’t know that PEAKE did that.” So in that spirit, here are some unique solutions that PEAKE provides, that you may not be aware of:

  • Complex solution design and implementation (**see our upcoming blog features on examples of custom solutions that PEAKE has delivered**)
  • Fixed-site systems installation and integration (EOC, Control Room, Internal sites)
  • IP-Phone systems and networks
  • Professional Services such as Communication Infrastructure O&M and Full Cycle Development Modernization and Enhancements
  • Electric Utilities/Power company solutions
  • K9 Vehicles
  • Oil/Gas communication solutions including corporate reach back
  • Audio/Video system installation and overhaul
  • SWAT vehicles
  • Vehicle camera installation and video streaming over 4G/LTE (including Power Company bucket trucks and vehicles)
  • Power Systems for vehicles (specifically for Law Enforcement and Emergency Response Applications)
  • Covert Surveillance vehicles
  • On-site Technology Evaluation and Assessment (for Mobile Command Centers, EOC’s, Command Rooms, etc.)
  • Emergency Response Drills and Assessment
  • And many other solutions…

Stay tuned to our blog on specific examples of deliveries from PEAKE that may surprise you!

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