PEAKE recently participated in a multi-agency, multi-discipline statewide Mobile Communication Vehicle (MCV) exercise in Stone Mountain, Georgia. The 2014 Mobile Communication Vehicle exercise hosted by Georgia Emergency Management Agency (GEMA) was held at Stone Mountain Park May 12th -May 16th.

The exercise was a great success and provided communication personnel from around the state the opportunity to train together and evaluate their capabilities.   It also gave personnel the chance to learn and train on the technologies that their statewide counterparts have available as well as the equipment brought in by technology partners like PEAKE.

There were more then 170 personnel from 52 agencies, 30 mobile communication vehicles, 6 vendors and 1 helicopter involved in the activities over the 4 days. The goal of the exercise is to ensure that when disasters occur in Georgia requiring a large-scale response, each agency will be able to communicate, interoperate, and share information quickly.

A systems-engineer from PEAKE was on-site with our TICS Warrior-S portable communications solution and TYPHOON VSAT antenna.  The TICS Warrior system provides users with voice, video and data connectivity within minutes of deployment.  This “First-In” system is used by teams to establish critical communications at an incident site.  Many of the participating agencies were able to train on the system throughout the exercise.

PEAKE was happy to see our friends from the Charlotte Fire Department at the exercise.  The CFD FieldComm1 team made the trip down to Stone Mountain to participate in the exercise in partnership with GEMA.  Should an event occur that requires a multi-state response, this type of training will only benefit those agencies involved and will ensure the ability to communicate effectively throughout the response and recovery.

GEMA does an excellent job hosting and planning this statewide exercise.  The training itself is extremely beneficial to those agencies involved and to the technology partners that support the event.  This is PEAKE’ second year participating in the exercise and we look forward to supporting this event in years to come.

Thank you to GEMA for giving us the opportunity to be a part of such as great week of training and collaboration.

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