PEAKE is comprised of four divisions that compliment each other in terms of service and expertise. Each division provides solutions that enable our customer’s missions. Ultimately, our 4 divisions, Technology Integration, Communication Services, Specialty Vehicles and Enterprise Operations, aim to help our customers achieve their mission- whatever that mission may be.

The foundation of PEAKE is our engineering services within Technology Integration. Our engineers integrate the latest technology and communication products and systems into operations of any scale- mobile, fixed and tactical. We install, upgrade and refresh mobile command technology to connect seamlessly with customer’s operations center or headquarters. This technical expertise foundation lends itself to each of our divisions in a way that provides our customers with unique and reliable solutions.

Our Communication Services division provides traditional services to our customers- satellite, voice and video. You may be familiar with “If you can’t communicate, you can’t operate”- a sentiment we find truthful and vital at PEAKE. Communication is necessary to achieving mission success and our services give customers a reliable way to operate.

PEAKE Specialty Vehicle division builds custom vehicles that meet the needs of our customers and their missions. From quick response vehicles to large mobile commands to mobile lab vans and anything in between- we design and build quality vehicles that meet mission requirements.

Our Enterprise Operations division provides traditional government contracting services. We offer multi-year, enterprise-level, life cycle support of your mobile, tactical and fixed mission systems. Why do we call it Enterprise Operations? Simply- we are providing operational services at a programmatic or enterprise level. Our solution here is essentially our core foundation but with a larger and more systematic delivery.

At first glance, the PEAKE divisions may not look to link as much as they truly do. But if you combine all areas of our expertise, you will find an all-encompassing solution (under one roof) to our ideal customer needs. As explained here:

An Agency (or organization) comes to PEAKE with an aging Mobile Command Center that needs a technology refresh, including satellite connectivity and video services. The Agency also recently got funding for a fleet of vehicles that need to be up-fitted into mobile laboratories. This Agency also has a need for several contracted engineering positions working within their organization providing Operations and Maintenance of network systems.

PEAKE is able to provide this entire suite of solutions and services to this Agency and Organization.

(And also offers many avenues of procurement)

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