It’s the age old problem: your business is seeking to improve efficiency, be more productive, make more money and/or a slew of other various business objectives.

But there is an inherent problem that exists:  funding.

When looking to find funding or budget for any level of purchases for your business, you face roadblocks. One of the biggest problems is being unsure of where to find available funding and grants and for first responder agencies, those roadblocks can halt progress with your productivity and immediacy.

There are dozens of grants available for first responder agencies at your disposal; it’s just a matter of knowing where to look.

In FY 2014, there was over $1.6 billion given out in Grant Programs from Homeland Security, the Infrastructure Grant Program and various others that immediately benefited hundreds of agencies.

Having the time to research all of these grants can consume a lot of time and effort, along with balancing the many various other responsibilities you have.

With our comprehensive First Responders Grant Funding Directory Whitepaper, you will save the time of research while providing you with:

– A comprehensive, printable Grants Preparation Checklist & Three-Step Process
– A resource to use when applying for available grants
– Knowledge on how to use grants to purchase what your agency needs
– Specific grants for solutions like communications, business continuity & more
– Tips to make sure you plan your budgets & grant applications effectively
– Over 15 specific available grants’ summaries, requirements, annual amounts & links

Download your free First Responders Grant Funding Guidebook & Directory now!

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