Now that 2014 is well underway, we at PEAKE are looking forward to a year of growth, progress, new markets, new products and continued success.  As we look to the future, here are a few things that we are focusing on going forward:

Growing our Specialty Vehicle Division

Growing our Specialty Vehicles department is a natural extension of what we have already been providing our customers; customized response vehicles and trailers built with quality, functionality and reliability.  We always hear from customers, “Oh, you do that?” and the answer is always “Yes.”  As part of this area of growth, our goal is to be a ‘one-stop shop’ for all Specialty and Emergency vehicle needs (as well as providing innovative tactical products and services).

We have brought on Larry Kahan, previously of Odyssey Automotive Specialty, to help with Sales and Business Development in this area.  His knowledge and expertise in the specialty vehicle arena is a big asset to PEAKE and will help to develop this division.

Developing our Enterprise Services

We have started an Enterprise Service division that leverages corporate reach back to our subject matter experts and extensive engineering experience that will provide full project life cycle and O&M of communication platforms.  These services give agencies and organizations a cost effect and highly operational solution in staffing.  We have brought on Jeff Lawn, Vice President of Enterprise Services, to head-up this operation and we look forward to building our offerings in the upcoming year.

Developing solutions for Critical Infrastructure

As a leader in providing solutions to the Public Safety and Military sectors, PEAKE has developed products, solutions and services that we want to expand into the Critical Infrastructure market.  Emergency Response and Recovery is a significant area of need for Power Utilities, Oil and Gas, Water utilities, and Telecommunications.  PEAKE capabilities and solutions seamlessly fit into this industry and we are focusing on learning more about the industry and developing solutions for Critical Infrastructure response.

Strengthening and growing our partnerships

As we continue to grow as a true solutions provider and integrator for emergency response applications, we want to continue to build relationships and partnerships with the top vendors and other solutions providers.

Reaching out to our customers and the industry via social media, blogs, news, videos, emails and more.

Our hopes for blogging and reaching out via social media are to connect further with our customers, potential customers and different industry leaders.  We want to share thoughtful articles, ideas, solutions, and relevant information to our visitors.  Our goal is to connect further with this community and provide, as well as gain, useful insight into the industry.

Thanks for taking the time to read about our goals and areas of focus for 2014.  We look forward to continuing to deliver quality products, solutions and services to our customers and expanding our efforts even further.

– Steve Morgan

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