Why Peake

PEAKE is dedicated to achieving the missions of our clients with our clients. From concept to technology design and implementation through to mission accomplishment, we use our diverse expertise in mobile infrastructure, communication systems, and enterprise operations to ensure operational enablement. Together with our clients, we build fully customized integrated solutions that accelerate mission success no matter the industry, climate, or situation. PEAKE exists to allow our clients to focus on what they need to focus on: achieving their mission.

PEAKE’s unwavering commitment to meet the needs of each customer’s unique mission no matter the size or scope is what sets us apart from other technology integration providers. We combine our expertise in communications technology with industry-leading products to custom-design communications technology solutions that are fast, flexible, and reliable.

When you choose PEAKE, you get:

  • A “do whatever it takes” mentality
  • A commitment to open communication and team work
  • Technology products from Cisco, Extron, Cobham, and other industry leaders
  • Expertise in today’s solutions with a focus on technology of the future

PEAKE is your one-stop shop for all of the vital communication needs of your mission. We have the experience and technology that allow us to customize solutions to meet communications challenges of any size and complexity. With the team at PEAKE at your side, your operation will run as efficiently as possible, allowing you to concentrate on the mission at hand.

When you choose PEAKE, you get:

  • 24x7x365 Service Support
  • Expertise in mobile and fixed communication services
  • Innovative and effective communication services
  • Scalable services and solutions

PEAKE understands that at the end of the day, mission success is based on people. It is in our mission-focused culture to provide your personnel with the technology, support, and proven common sense program management process they need to ensure your operation is as efficient, cost-effective, and as successful as it can be.

When you choose PEAKE, you get:

  • Mission-focused mentality
  • Expertise in engineering of complex communication systems and critical infrastructure solutions
  • Common sense program management
  • Strong past performance in the DoD and government space

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