Custom SATCOM Solutions – Small Business (CS2-SB) allows federal agencies to acquire professional satellite engineering services and build custom end-to-end satellite solutions with small business industry partners.

PEAKE has partnered with By Light, an industry leading small business awardee of CS2-SB, to bring this contract vehicle to our customers. PEAKE will deliver satellite end-to-end satellite solutions and satellite engineering services to meet customer mission requirements under this $900 million three-year contract.

CS2-SB contracted solutions include satellite bandwidth, fixed or mobile satellite service, and service-enabling components such as terminals, handsets, and tail circuits with engineering services to integrate, operate, and maintain the solution.

Examples include:

  • Emergency response and disaster recovery communications systems;
  • Satellite-based backup communications network;
  • Distributed distance learning network; and
  • Communications on the move solutions for DoD applications.


For information on purchasing on the CS2-SB contract, contact PEAKE today.


PEAKE is your one-stop shop for all of the vital communication needs of your mission. We have the experience and technology that allow us to customize solutions to meet communications challenges of any size and complexity.

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